CEM-CAR is moving to a mobile phone app. Please contact cemcar@niwa.co.nz to arrange to switch. This website will be shutdown on July 9th 2020, please enter all data for June before this date.
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Welcome to the NIWA Community Environment Monitoring - Climate and Rainfall system.

This site allows operators of manual climate and rainfall stations around New Zealand to submit their data directly to NIWA for processing and addition to the National Climate Database CLIDB. This data can be accessed online using CliFlo and you can read more about the NIWA climate centre at http://www.niwa.co.nz/our-science/climate.

If you are an operator and have been registered onto the system you will be able to sign in with your username and password on this page and will then, depending on your station type, be able to:

  • Complete and submit daily MET302 Rainfall Observations
  • Complete and submit daily MET303 Climate Observations
  • View monthly summary rainfall charts for your station